STILLE VOLK - Hantaoma - VINYL LP BROWN (lim.100) Agrandir l'image

STILLE VOLK - Hantaoma - VINYL LP BROWN (lim.100)

BROWN vinyl limited to 100 copies.

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BROWN vinyl limited to 100 copies.
Vinyl edition of cult STILLE VOLK debut album, officially licensed from Holy Records, originally released on CD only in 1997, sold-out since a very long time and now re-released on noble gatefold vinyl, 18 years later!
This is a very natural, earthly album, with delicate, sometimes naïve yet charming flaws, mostly recorded in the forest.

This is where I tell a cool story, bro.
As you may have noticed, getting Holy Records to licence their stuff is very difficult so I am kind of proud having succeeded after 6 years of obstinacy. It took so long to get the green light but finally did. I discovered this album on a Metallian sampler (well-known French extreme metal magazine) in 1997. I was still a teenager and this folk music among mostly black metal tracks really stood out. Not only because it was different from anything I would listen to but because it is so good. Have been a Stille Volk fan since then and everytime a new album got out, I would email the Holy Records crew to release Hantaoma from Stille Volk on vinyl. Agreements were orally given but the thing just never got signed. Each time. Then it happened and the magic begins here.

The vinyl is available in 3 different colours:
-300 copies on black vinyl
-100 copies on brown vinyl
-100 copies on brown vinyl with black splatters