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TODESSTOSS - Sauglingshängwerk Aushilfsheins - CD

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Slipcase CD with deranged yet inspiring artwork.

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Slipcase CD with deranged yet inspiring artwork.
The 5th full-length “Sauglingshängwerk Aushilfsheins” is the "strangest" album so far, dealing with antinatalistic fantasies and the corrosive spirit of the age. Follow J. BLACK, the fictional protagonist, fulfilling his deed as a temporary worker for DEATH INC. People, who have never listened to the varied sounds of the 121-cult TODESSTOSS so far: friends of old Darkthrone, Bethlehem and The Cure might get thrilled.
Dare to take a look behind the mask.

Message from Those Opposed:
"In 2007, when I went on tour with NUIT NOIRE for 3 shows in Germany and Belgium, there was a hype around so-called depressive black metal, to which Todesstoss was assimiliated with, was it justified or not according to their music, well I don't really care for trends. I remember seeing a lot of people wearing Todesstoss shirts in Germany too.
Nowadays, I hear that the band is no longer hype. Maybe it's for the best cause trends come and go, but more importantly because Todesstoss has always had something special to me, marrying weird tunes with deranging, yet awesome layout and aesthetics. So when Martin Lang asked if I could distribute Todesstoss' releases he put out himself through Traumorgane in France, of course I did. This is a band like no other, and that's part of why it is very interesting."