We are temporarily closed (for 2 weeks probably), we are moving places.

Following releases will be out when we reopen, during May:
-ARKHA SVA - Donusdogama : En accrochant le mendiant qui tomba du trône de Dieu - CD+Digi+Tape (sample here)
-BLESSED IN SIN - Celebrating the Whore double CD + shirt (3 samples here)
-SÜHNOPFER - Offertoire CD+Digi+Shirt / Laments+Aube des Trépassés CD / Nos Sombres Chapelles CD repress (5 samples here)
-ULVEGR - The Call of Glacial Emptiness CD+Digi+Shirt (2 samples here)

The following will be available during the summer, a month or two after the above releases:
-GRAVELAND - Sharpening the thousand swords LP/CD
-SÜHNOPFER - Offertoire LP
-ULVEGR - The call of glacial emptiness LP
-ULVEGR - Arctogaia LP
-KAWIR - 20 years of recordings double CD
-HATE FOREST - The gates + bonus CD

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